I met Raad more than 5 years ago at a conference in Finland where I was ministering to refugees from Iraq. Raad was among these, and he had come up to me afterwards to tell me that he felt the Holy Spirit was upon me and that he would like me to pray for him.

I started praying for him, and then the Lord moved me to start prophesying over his life. I told him that the lord will make him a teacher of the Word, and that He will even send him to minister in Israel. He began laughing with joy, because it was a confirmation of the very desire that burned in his heart!

Raad is a former Muslim, and his testimony speaks of a journey of discovery that led him to finding Jesus when the Lord visited him in a dream. After his miraculous meeting with Jesus in this dream, Raad grace his life to the Lord and began studying theology, which lasted 5 years in total. During that time the Lord had also blessed him with a Finnish passport.

The Lord also eventually fulfilled the prophecy spoken through me, and He sent him to preach the Gospel in the land of Israel. This is absolute proof of the miraculous transformation that only God can accomplish. He was taken from Iraq by the Lord, and conveyed into the Kingdom of God.

It was such a blessing to receive Raad at Home of Jesus the King Church, and to have him minister to our members. Please watch the video below where Raad shares his touching testimony, and his passion for the Lord.