Good Friday was spent at Home of Jesus the King Church in celebration and praise of our wonderful Lord Jesus’ victory over sin and death, and him having made a way for us to be reconciled with God the Father through His precious blood on the cross.

We started off the celebration with a time of passionate praise and worship, during which we expressed our adoration of Christ by carrying the cross around our auditorium. The cross was decorated with red and white roses which were very symbolic. The red roses represented the blood of Jesus spilled on the cross, whereas the white roses represented how our sins were taken away, having been washed away by the blood of Christ.

I shared on the four types of pain that Jesus endured for us on the cross. The first pain He endured was on His head when the crown of thorns pierced His brow. Our minds often lead us astray and the temptation would often attack our minds, but the blood of Jesus spilled from His brow shows that our conscience and minds were also washed by His blood.

The second type of pain that He endured was in His hands as they were pierced on the cross. The very hands that healed the sick and raised the dead were broken on the cross. This signifies how we have been enabled to perform deeds that glorify God and to do the work of the Kingdom by the blood Jesus spilled from His hands.

The third type of pain of Jesus on the cross was that of His feet being nailed to the cross. The feet that walked all across Israel to heal the sick and preach the Gospel were broken and bleeding on the cross so that we might walk in His ways and be led by the Holy Spirit.

The fourth pain that Jesus endured was when His side was pierced with a spear, from which water and blood flowed.

Upon death, the water and blood in the human body separate as a part of the body’s natural response. This proves that Jesus laid His life down on the cross.

The blood symbolizes the redemption that we have been granted in Christ, and the water symbolizes the baptism, which represents the washing off of the old life, and rising up from the water into the newness of life in Jesus.

At the service we also had the privilege of welcoming a new family who had come from a local traditional church, and they were deeply touched by our service. They testified that they felt something different during the service, and that they were planning on returning to attend more of our services. Hallelujah!