We’ve been very busy at our new humanitarian aid center, as more and more people have been coming to visit us to receive help, as well as to receive precious fellowship and prayer. Our center has become a hub where Israelis from all walks of life — Arabs, Jews, and Ukrainian refugees — can come to receive practical and spiritual sustenance. In addition, bridges are also actively being built between the different communities in Israel, which is a tremendous blessing!

Last week we received a massive shipment of quality Christian books in the Russian language, to share the Gospel with Ukrainian refugees and to introduce them to the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ. We give away these books for free, and we also put them on display in our humanitarian center for all to take and enjoy. We see many non-believers taking these free books, and coming back later on with questions about Jesus and the Gospels. That creates a divine appointment for us to share the message of Salvation in Jesus, and to pray with these dear ones.

Our food pantry is also busier than ever, with an additional 48 families having approached us for food aid on a monthly basis. These food boxes of ours have become a tremendous blessing to many poor families, as they contain a variety of more than 30 staple food products which can be used and combined in a variety of ways to put food on the table for quite a while. We are currently providing 120 families from among poor Arab and Jewish families with monthly food boxes, but we are trusting God for the finances for the additional 48 families in need.

If you feel like the Lord is speaking to you about standing with us in blessing the poor of Israel with His love and physical sustenance, then you are most welcome to join us through a monthly partnership or a one-off donation! For more information click here or click the donate button below.

Thank you and God bless!