It is such a blessing to see how normal life has returned to Israel after a long period of Covid restrictions. The land of Israel is once again open for tourism, and I’m personally inviting you to come and enjoy the land of Israel, and to see what the Lord is busy doing in the land in preparation for His return.

My family and I recently spent some time visiting the beautiful city of Haifa, where we’ve also recently planted a daughter congregation of Home of Jesus the King Church, to enjoy the lovely weather and the beach. Haifa

is a city in which we’re very focussed on preaching the Gospel, expanding our humanitarian work among the poor and needy, and building bridges between Israeli Jews and Arabs.

The video below is as much a celebration of the land of Israel, as it is to remind you of what you’re missing! Remember that we are waiting for you here in Nazareth, and our doors are always open to you. God bless!