This past week we had the wonderful privilege of visiting the Italian Hospital in Nazareth, which is being managed by Roman Catholic nuns. They received us so warmly, and we immediately felt the Holy Spirit’s presence as we set out to proclaim to all the patients that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and to bless them with lovely Christmas care packages.

Our group consisted of our staff members and some or our volunteers, with one of our team members even dressed up as Santa Claus to spread the joy of Christmas! As we walked through the hospital corridors and went into patients’ rooms we sang and played traditional Christmas songs on our portable sound system. We literally spread the joy of Christmas along with us as we moved through the hospital, causing mobile patients to peek from their rooms to see what the celebration was all about.

We visited the children’s ward, the maternity ward, as well as the regular sick wards. We painted smiles on everybody’s faces as we hugged them, sang to them, and presented them with Christmas care packages containing a chocolate hamper, snacks, and a fridge magnet proclaiming that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!” The nun in charge of the entire hospital was so blessed by our visit, and she saw how happy our visit had made the patients, and therefor she asked if we could come back again the next week to bless their people again!