It’s such a powerful testimony to the grace of God when Jews and Arabs can work together in Israel for the betterment of the nation, and to aid the needy and poor from among Israel’s populace. This is the type of relationship we have been privileged to enjoy with many Israeli Jewish organizations and friends, but especially so with Baruch, who is the founder of “Yad Ezer le Chaver” (Helping Hand for a Friend).

Baruch’s organization provides food, clothing, toiletries and all kinds of humanitarian essentials to Holocaust Survivors, new Jewish immigrants, and Israeli service personnel. We have been working closely for many years now, and have been one of his most important co-laborers through the support of our own partners at Home of Jesus the King Church. The people receiving aid from “Yad Ezer la Chaver” learn about the love and compassion of Arab believers when they receive aid from Baruch, and they are always in shock to hear about it, because it goes so against the grain of what people have been led to believe through the years.

When we reach out to the people whom the world expects us to harbor bitterness and resentment against, we are acting through the power of the Holy Spirit, and shining the love of Jesus into their lives. It is a very powerful testimony when Israeli Arabs reach out a sincere helping hand to Jewish Israelis, and when they hear that it’s because of the love and hope of Jesus that lives in our hearts, they start asking questions and meditating upon faith in Jesus. As we sow these seeds of the Gospel into people’s lives and pray for them, we will see a wonderful harvest in due time.

We are expectant and excited about the prophetic future of the nation of Israel, despite its numerous problems and challenges, for as we read in Romans 11:26 “all Israel will be saved.” The coming revival in Israel will have an enormous impact on the entire world, and we are so thankful to be able to do our part here in the land of Israel, along with you as our dear friend and partner. Thank you and God bless!