This past weekend we enjoyed a powerful and anointed time together at our weekly Shabbat service. We were honored to have had several Pastors from all across the world join us—Greece, England, Singapore, and the Netherlands. It was a beautiful representation of heaven’s culture, with many nations joined together to worship Jesus together.

The house was packed as we prepared for a passionate time of worship and communion together, and what makes this all the more impacting, is that a few hours before the service started, we had a missile siren go off. This did not deter our church members in the slightest, and they all still turned out, looking forward to spending time in God’s presence.

Our guests from the nations joined in enthusiastically with our Arabic worship, singing joyfully in their own languages, as cultural and language boundaries are transcended in the unity of the Spirit. In the video you will be able to hear the Lord’s prayer being prayed in different languages—Arabic, Aramaic, English, Dutch, and Greek! Be blessed as you watch!