This past Shabbat we had the wonderful privilege of having a celebration in honor all of the mothers at Home of Jesus the King Church for Mother’s Day. It was time spent blessing them and honoring them for their precious roles in our lives, for they are the ones who gave us life, who nurtured us, and in whose arms we found refuge amidst life’s storms. Mothers truly are a gift from God!

During the celebration Pastor Saleem shared a word from the book of Samuel on Hannah, the mother of Samuel. He elaborated on her critically important role as the mother of one of Israel’s most important prophets. We heard about her calling, of how God heard her prayers and gave her a son named Samuel, who became a blessing to Israel and the world. 

Pastor Saleem mentioned more examples of women that God used powerfully in the Bible, like Mary the mother of Jesus, Deborah, Mary Magdalene, Ruth, and Esther. He emphasized the importance of showing appreciation and honor to the women in our lives, for the way that God is using them to advance His Kingdom and reflect His loving nature to the world. 

After the service we all gathered together to enjoy some coffee and a delicious cake that we had specially prepared for mother’s day, decorated with scripture from Proverbs 31. We also presented all the mothers with gifts and prayed over them. It was the best possible way that we could honor our mothers – by gathering in God’s presence and thanking Him for our mothers in worship and adoration.