“Do not discard me in my old age; do not forsake me when my strength fails.” — Psalm 71:9

An important aspect of kindness is remembering those that oftentimes are forgotten or neglected. Those whose voice isn’t strong enough to cry out for help, those who were once fierce warriors and now are as vulnerable as children.

The elderly need love and care more than you can possibly imagine. As they go through the final stretch of their lives, the loneliness they experience is real and it’s hard.

They worked hard their entire life to raise a generation of peacemakers and bridge builders, and it is not only our duty, but our privilege to give back to them in any way we can.

We came out to Nazareth Retirement Home to bless these precious elderly people with love and the gift of Christmas.

We also wanted to share with them that Jesus is the reason for all the beauty and kindness that is behind this beautiful Christmas season. He is our savior and redeemer, and as Christians we want it made known, especially to those who need Him most.

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” — John 1:46

The answer to that is YES! Everything that is good, kind and loving came out of Nazareth. Jesus came into this world to bring us hope, redemption and peace.

It is up to us to carry His message of salvation to those who desperately need His love and kindness in these dark times.

Coming to visit precious elderly people in the retirement home was a true blessing both for us and for them.

To be able to gift them with a beautiful care package with toiletries, as well as a some holiday treats and chocolates, while witnessing the smiles on their faces, the gratitude that came from realizing they are not forgotten or forsaken, but deeply loved and cherished, that made this visit all the more special.

We had a beautiful time with them, taking away some of the loneliness they feel, while thanking them for selflessly working so hard to raise today’s generation of adults that continue to build our country.

It was a unique opportunity to not only show these precious elderly kindness, but also reflect the love of God, while sharing with them about Jesus and His sacrificial love for them.

This beautiful and touching project was all about sowing seeds of Christ’s love, knowing it will not be in vain, because these wonderful people will enjoy the harvest of those seeds we planted in their hearts.

These projects are a reality because of YOU. Thanks to YOUR generous support of our work in the Land of Israel, we are able to do so much and reach so many with the love of God and the gospel of Jesus.

You’re a partaker of amazing things God is doing through your support in the Land and in the nation of Israel.

Thank YOU for being on this journey with us!

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