We’re so excited about the growth that God has caused at Home of Jesus the King Church over the past year! He has added new members to our church, expanded the scope and impact of our humanitarian outreaches, allowed us to facilitate reconciliation between Jews and Arabs through our projects, and He has blessed us with strong friendship with local authorities and Israeli charities. One of the requirements of growth is to accommodate it.

With that in mind, the Lord has led us to take a step of faith and replace all of our 15-year old chairs with new and additional comfortable chairs. We want to make sure that our church members, our guests, and all of the non-believers who we meet, are comfortable when they visit HomeJTK. Whether they are there for church services, seminars, worship, or humanitarian projects, we want to accommodate and receive them with honor. We also believe this is also a core aspect of being good hosts as unto the Lord!

We have been blessed to find a very good deal for new chairs, both in price and quality. Providing something so practical as chairs might not seem very spiritual, but we are always reminded that the Lord always took care of people’s practical needs and didn’t dismiss their needs for healing, rest, and sustenance. After a day of teaching the masses, Jesus would make sure that they were fed, as we saw in the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

We would be so grateful if you could stand with us in support and prayer to help us fill our sanctuary with 120 brand new chairs from which many will praise and worship God, and receive the implanted Word of God. These chairs cost us 300 Shekels ($80) each. Perhaps you, your home group, or church can sponsor one chair, or even multiple chairs? We are thankful for any help, and we appreciate you so much.

To give towards our chairs project, please visit us at homejtk.org/donate

Thanks and God bless!