The current holiday season in Israel is very unique, in that we will see the three main faiths of Israel celebrating their most important religious holidays during this time. For the Jews it’s Passover; for Christians it’s Easter; and for Muslims it’s Ramadan. This is an extremely strategic and divine opportunity for us at the body of Messiah to shine the love and light of Jesus into these people’s lives through good deeds of love and compassion.

In this time we are mobilizing to reach 600 families in need from among Jews, traditional Christians and Muslims with essential humanitarian aid in the form of food boxes filled to the brim with good quality and long lasting food products. These dear families are residents of the towns of Nazareth, Haifa, and Nof Ha-Galil.

Showing the people of Israel the reality of Christ by following His example in “going about and doing good” is a powerful way to win their hearts and minds for Christ, and drawing them towards the light of the Gospel. During this Passover in Israel we will not only be distributing these food boxes to the needy, but we will also pray with them, share the message of His love with them, and express our dedication to their wellbeing. This is us walking out our calling as bridge builders and peacemakers by bringing communities together in Jesus’ name.

We would love for you to get involved in this wonderful project! With a donation of $40 you can help provide one family with a food box that includes groceries and basic essentials to bless them during this holiday season in Israel, and to show them that they are loved by Jesus and by you. Amen!

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