I have the tremendous privilege of currently being in the town of Lux, France, to preach the word of God to more than 150 young people from all over France and from other countries in Europe. The conference is entitled “Potential” and is a dynamic and Spirit-filled assembly of young people on fire for Jesus. I thank God that I was invited along with my family, so that my kids, Nirdeen and Suleiman, could also partake and experience the outpouring of the Spirit here in France, and experience the move of God among the youth of Europe.

We met so many amazing people, and established strong and lasting friendships at the conference. It was a blessing to be able to teach the young people on a number of topics that the Lord had laid on my heart, including: “Our Identity in Christ,” “Where are You standing in Faith”, and “Making the Right Decisions in Life.” The Word that went out was well received among the young people, and many came up to me afterwards to ask questions and to receive prayer. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for these precious young people!

My children Suleiman and Nirdeen also got to share with the other youngsters at the conference, especially what it’s like to be a young believer in the land of Israel, as well as their personal testimonies. It was such a touching moment for me as a father and Pastor to see my children express their love and commitment to the Lord in front of hundreds of young people. Amen!