The work that we’re doing as bridge builders and peacemakers at Home of Jesus the King Church is crucial during these days of war. Rifts between Israeli communities have grown since the October 7th massacre, and tensions are especially high between Israeli Arabs and Jews. This is where we are called to be, bridging the gap between Israelis of all creeds and backgrounds, by performing good deeds unto them and loving on them, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

We’re so grateful for what God has been doing here Home of Jesus the King Church, by bringing both Jews and Arabs to our humanitarian center, allowing them to mingle and form friendships that they wouldn’t have been able to do under other circumstances. All of this interaction is happening in the presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit, and so we stand in faith for the salvation of all those who come to our center.

We also want to deeply thank our partners who have enabled us to bring together Jews and Arabs together at our humanitarian center, and to bless them with practical aid and with the love of Jesus. Through your support you are allowing us to be your hands and feet here in Israel. Watch the video below to witness what it looks like when Arab believers bless the Jewish people of Israel! Hallelujah!