With Israel’s northern border with Lebanon under daily rocket attacks from the terrorist organization Hezbollah, hundreds of Israeli families remain displaced and refugees in their own land. Our service personnel are also facing life-threatening danger as they put their lives on the line to protect the people of Israel. The intensity of the conflict is increasing and expanding, and experts warn that the North can erupt into a full-blown war at any moment, possibly dragging countries like Iran into the mix.

In solidarity with displaced families in the north and in support of our frontline personnel who are facing the threat head-on, we recently launched our new hygiene kits project in collaboration with the Kiryat Shmona municipality, to provide useful and much-needed kits for these dear ones, so that they can stay fresh and hygienic in circumstances that are sometimes very difficult to endure. It might seem like a small blessing to provide someone with a hygiene kit, but the impact and relief it brings is very big.

It is also a way for us as the body of Christ, specifically Arab-Israeli believers, to extend the love of Jesus to our Jewish brothers and sisters, and to tell them that they are not alone in their struggles, but that we are one nation united under the God of Israel. We want to build bridges of love and reconciliation, to lay the groundwork for the move of God in Israel, and ultimately for revival and His return. Amen!

This month we aim to continue this project by providing an additional 500 hygiene kits for frontline personnel and displaced families. These hygiene kits contain a number of useful daily items, as shown in the video, and amount to 100 shekels ($27.30) per kit. Please stand with us by sponsoring one or multiple kits to show our frontline personnel and displaced Israelis that we stand united with them in the face of the threat that Israel is under.

Thank you and God bless!