We’re so thankful for the Lord’s guidance and leadership at HomeJTK, as He keeps opening new doors for us to be a blessing and to proclaim His Word to the different communities of Israel. A very interesting and important project that the Lord had recently brought to us was providing food baskets to needy Jewish people at the open-air market in the city of Talpiyot. What normally happens is that at the end of each market day, the poor would arrive at the market to receive all of the produce that wasn’t sold throughout the day. These precious ones need all the help they can get.

Every Friday our team from HomeJTK would visit the Talpiyot market to meet with the needy arriving at the end of the day, to present them with wholesome food baskets containing all sorts of non-perishable and long-lasting food products. Initially it was such a shock for these people to see Arabs reaching out to Jews with love and compassion of Christ, but then their hearts simply opened up and they were just so grateful. We managed to film a couple of thank you messages from these dear ones, in which they thank Home of Jesus the King Church and our partners.

You are making a difference here in Israel, dear partners! We love and appreciate you!