Taufik has been one of our pillars at HomeJTK over the past few years, serving as an exemplary elder and leader. It is such a blessing when God brings men and women like Taufik into your life, that support the pastor in the same way that Aaron held up Moses’ arm when he grew weary. They labor alongside us, encourage us, and intercede for us when the storms come.

Taufik was raised as a nominal Christian in Nazareth, and lived his whole life thinking that he was a believer, but never really understood what it meant to be born again. When he first joined Home of Jesus the King Church, he noticed that we were all about action, and not just talk.

He witnessed sincere Christian love and relationship in action, and with that God started changing his heart. Taufik had an authentic encounter with God at HomeJTK and was born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, and started walking out the path God had prepared for him, with passion and fire. Watch Taufik’s inspiring testimony here below!