Our Haifa branch has been very busy of late in preparing and distributing critical humanitarian care to the poor ahead of Christmas, as well as preparing to bless the children of Haifa with special Christmas gifts. Our Haifa branch is strategically located on one of the busiest street junctions in Haifa, and the team there has gone to great lengths to proclaim that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

This past week we prepared a welcome area in front of our Haifa branch, to receive family off the street, and to bless their children with a special gift containing a toy, snacks, and a fridge magnet proclaiming Jesus as the Reason for the Season. So many parents came in with their kids to visit us, and it was especially good to see both Jews and Arabs coming to visit us. In the video below you can see how a Jewish mother and her dear little daughter came in to see what Christmas was all about and to be blessed with a gift. This is how we are building bridges during Christmas!

Most of the people whom we met would ask us why we do what we do, and then we would reply that we do it because we love them, and because Jesus loves them; that He is our Messiah and their Messiah. It was a joyful time together with the many people whom the Lord brought us into contact with, and we are trusting God for a mighty harvest for His kingdom this Christmas, Amen!

We were also able to bless a Jewish humanitarian organization called “Yad Ha-Ezer la Chaver” in Haifa with more than 200 gifts that they would distribute to Jewish children in need during the time of Christmas. We thank God that He is using Home of Jesus the King Church to build bridges between Jews and Arabs in Israel during Christmas. Praise the Lord!

To Stand with our Christmas Day Parade at which we will be handing out more than 3000 kid’s gifts proclaiming Jesus as the Reason for the Season, please visit our donate page. Thank you and Merry Christmas!