There are few better ways of practically blessing the nation of Israel than by donating blood. The need for blood donors is a critical need in Israel, and one that we might overlook as less urgent than other acts of benevolence. I’ve long ago made the decision to donate blood at least once every quarter, as my specific type of blood, which is “O-“, is very much in demand as it can be given to anyone. Unfortunately that also means that I can only receive “O-“ blood when I’m in need!

I see the donating of blood as a ministry in itself, as I get to share the Word of God with the staff of Magen David Adom every time I go to donate. Their staff consists of both Christian and Muslim Arab staff, and it’s always a great pleasure to share what God has laid on my heart, and about the plan of salvation that He has for every human being. In the video below I explain more about the great work that Israel’s emergency medical services, Magen David Adom, is doing in the Land, and how people can help them.