Recently I’ve had the privilege the minister at the Garden Tomb alongside youth Pastors, dear brother and friend, Sason Pochtar.

Heading together the Word of God, sharing together the communion as brothers in Christ.

It would never have happened if Jesus didn’t come into our lives and change us from the inside out.

The image of Jew and Arab standing together, side by side, serving and worshipping Jesus together is a picture of the End Times.

We will all stand together and worship Christ as one, in Jerusalem, at the Feast of Tabernacles, just as it is written and promised.

It’s an amazing opportunity to share with everybody the love and miracle of reconciliation between Jew and Arab in these times. It’s truly supernatural.

The love of Christ is a powerfully transformative experience that can turn enemies into brothers.

Myself as Sason are on a mission to make this unity known and show how it looks and works in reality. Because there are a lot of lies spread in the media about the Israel, but when you see Sason and I stand together on stage, preach together, worship Yeshua together, praying together as brothers, you get a clear picture of what true peace looks like, and that is through the Prince of Peace.

If you want to host us at your church and help spread our message of Jewish and Arab unity in Christ, so people can experience the same transformative power of love, we would be more that happy to visit you and bring this message of reconciliation and true peace in Christ.