We’re so grateful for every friend and partner that God has brought across our path over the years since HomeJTK was first established. Without our partners we would not have been able to complete the assignments that God has given us, but together we have been able to accomplish so much in Jesus’ name. Our extended family all over the world has allowed us to be their hands and feet here in Israel, to share the Gospel message of Jesus, and to take care of the poor and needy among Israel’s diverse communities.

Our humanitarian aid center has become a fruitful and loving sanctuary where Israelis – Jews, Muslims, and nominal Christians – would gather to receive humanitarian aid, as well as spiritual consolation and prayer. It has served as an answer to prayer for so many people since we first opened our doors, and it has also become a crossroad where people who would not normally connect, would find common ground and share time in fellowship. There are few things as fulfilling as introducing Jewish Israelis to Muslim Israelis, and have them share a cup of coffee while sharing their hearts.

Over the past few weeks we have been able to assemble and distribute 600 food boxes to Jews, Muslim, and nominal Christians in need for the holidays in Israel, and we are so thankful for God’s favor in this endeavor, as well as for every partner who has supported this cause. Our next mission now is to provide an additional 200 holiday food boxes to new Jewish immigrant families during Passover in the next few weeks.

These new Jewish immigrants are mostly Ukrainian and Russian Jews who have fled the war, and who have come seeking a new beginning for them and their children in Israel. They arrive in Israel with little more than a few suitcases, and need all the help they can get in starting their new lives in Israel. It will be such an encouragement and testimony to them to receive special Passover food boxes from Arab believers in their time of need, and we pray for the name of Jesus to be lifted up as we conduct this project.

Would you stand with us in this important project? For $40 you can provide a Passover food box to a family of new Jewish immigrants, that contains 21 different types of nutritious and long-lasting food products, as well as unleavened bread and special grape juice of the Passover celebration.

To Donate, please visit us at homejtk.org/donate

Thank you so much and God bless!