Last week as I was enjoying quiet time with the Lord in the early hours of the morning something very special happened. I was sitting on my balcony and gazing at the horizon while deep in prayer. All of a sudden my attention was drawn to the clouds in the distance. Before my eyes, the clouds started coming together to form magnificent shapes over Mount Precipice, with the sun’s rays outlining them beautifully. It was right then that I felt the Lord’s glory, and I heard Him speak to my heart, saying that revival is coming to Nazareth.

I felt that God is dwelling among His people again in Nazareth, both Jew, and Arab and that He’s laying down the groundwork for a harvest, unlike anything we’ve seen here in Israel before. The days we are living in now are the days the prophets spoke about and wished to see with their own eyes.

God is doing a mighty work in bringing the sons and daughters of Abraham together again, and He’s facilitating healing and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews through the love of Jesus. Now is the time for us to pray for the will of God, and to clearly understand what God expects from each and every one of us.

This “column of cloud” that I saw form over Mount Precipice brought to mind how the Israelites were led by God in the wilderness, through a column of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God has often spoken to me through nature, but I have to admit that this is the most powerful way that He has spoken to me yet through His creation. Praise the Lord!