We thank God for having provided us with an open door to share His light and love in a pro-active and impacting way during the war in Israel. Through His grace and the support of our partners we have distributed vast amounts of food boxes, new clothing and shoes, toiletries and other things to displaced families affected by the war.

Our actions often speak louder than words, as seen in this impacting video of our war relief project in action. As part of our collaboration with the city hall of Nof HaGalil, we were busy purchasing and preparing for the next phase of our war relief towards blessing the families being hosted in Nof HaGalil, when our actions caught the attention of a dear Jewish lady walking by.

Watch this touching video and be inspired, knowing that you are making a lasting impact in building bridges between Jews and Arabs in Israel, while tearing down decades of misunderstanding and distrust through Jesus’ love. Amen!