Humanitarian work has always been crucial in winning the hearts and minds of both Jewish and Arab Israelis, who deeply value the principle that actions speak louder than words. Acts of benevolence have effectively allowed the church to showcase the love and compassion of Jesus to Israeli Arabs and Jews in a tangible and relatable manner. Nowhere has this been more evident in the impact our work has made on fostering strong and loving friendships with the Jewish communities in our area.

When we serve our fellow Israelis with the love of Jesus, we restore the bridges that were torn down during the recent war, rebuilding trust and compassion, showing them that we can live peaceably together, with Jesus as our chief cornerstone. Of late we have seen so many Jewish Israelis visit our humanitarian center to receive aid, a kind word, and words of comfort. It’s such a pleasant surprise to people when they discover Home of Jesus the King Church and witness the love of Jesus in action.

One such lady who found help and compassion at our humanitarian aid center is Alina.

Her genuine words of gratitude touched us deeply, and we wanted to share them with you, so that you might see the impact that your support is having here in Israel.

Thank you and God bless you!