We’re so blessed and thankful to see how God has been using Home of Jesus the King Church to touch people’s hearts all over the world, especially during this time of war and turmoil in Israel. Our calling as peacemakers and bridge builders in Israel has set us on a path through which Jesus has been shining His light and love unto both Jews and Arabs in Israel, bringing about reconciliation that is real. Also during this time of war, we have made a tremendous effort to be like balm applied to a wound, and to bring healing to people’s hearts through the knowledge and compassion of God. Our partners have been an integral part of this process, and we thank God for each and every one of you whom he has connected with us here in Nazareth. May He bless you in all abundance!

Some of our partners are also involved in their own ministries, with some even having much influence through their online news and social media platforms. Often times we would get a welcome phone call, with one of our partners asking for an interview or information about what God is doing here in Nazareth and Israel. It’s a tremendous privilege that God has given us here at HomeJTK to be a voice in the land, speaking for both Arab and Jewish communities, while lifting up the name of Jesus as the uncompromising motivation for all that we do. We wanted to just share a few of these articles and interviews that our friends globally have published, with the hope that it will be a blessing to you, and to others whom you might forward it to. We love and appreciate you!

From All Israel


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