When it comes to those who are truly pure in heart, there’s no argument that special needs children fall right into that category.

Their pure way of loving and seeing the world, not as we see it, but through the depth of an innocent heart untainted by the evils of this world.

We knew if there’s anyone that deserves to celebrate and rejoice this Christmas season it was these precious children.

It was such a genuinely wonderful celebration, and to be able to bless these beautiful kids and their dear families was an even bigger blessing to us.

Everything they were feeling at that moment was visible on their beautiful faces; all the joy and happiness, despite the challenges they face.

We’re often so caught up in the world’s challenges and hardships that we forget to remain pure in heart. Yet only the pure in heart will see God, and we need to remind ourselves that despite the challenges, Jesus overcame the world, and we can look at the world around us like these precious children, with pure hearts filled with joy at the simple things.

It was truly a blessing for us to bring these beautiful kids the joy of Christmas, and make them feel loved and cherished through this celebration we prepared for them as an act of kindness.

Thanks to YOU we were able to fill the pure hearts of these little angels with Christmas joy, cheer and unconditional love.

This is one of the things we couldn’t do without your generosity support of our ministry! We appreciate you more than you know, and your impact is greater than we can express.

Thank YOU for your ongoing support of the work of the Lord through our ministry.