These days we had the opportunity to collaborate with the municipality of our neighboring Jewish city of Nof HaGalil, where we organized a special humanitarian project in support of 480 incredible families whose husbands and fathers have been called away on military duty. 

In partnership with Nof Hagalil municipality we prepared special care packages for the families, each filled with holiday treats and snacks, as well as a festival challa bread, so they could have a festive and blessed Shabbat. 

How can we possibly overemphasize the importance of having your father and husband by your side during these difficult days? The immense challenge these dear families and mothers are facing having their husband in the army right now, many in combat and risking their lives every day, the wife alone with the children, ensuring their wellbeing, while also worrying about her husband in battle field. 

We felt compelled to bless them and comfort them for Shabbat, by letting them know that we are here for them, that they are not alone, to add some light and sweetness to their day. 

It was also very important for us to be vessels of blessing for the people of Israel during this time. To have the believing Arab community in Israel shine the light of Christ, while serving in the love of Jesus, blessing the Jewish people.